What is Brand Love?

That moment when the right product meets the right person at the right time and sparks a connection!


The Brand Love Guru Kathy Jarboe

Hi, I’m the Brand Love Guru, and I’m here to help you stay calm while planning your next promotional product purchase.  What is Brand Love, you say?  It’s that moment when the right product meets the right person at the right time and sparks a connection.  Our team will turn ordinary products into extraordinary campaigns and our portal technology makes it easier than ever to create Brand Love.

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Think of all the brands that you love (Apple, Nike, Ford, Amazon, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Disney, etc.).  Most customers of these brands are very loyal. Why? Attributes like reliability, customer service, quality of products/services, social media presence, corporate responsibility, and customer rewards create brand loyalty. Thus, each time that you decide to put your logo on a product you are marketing your brand and hopefully, encouraging brand love and customer loyalty.


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