Trends Lookbook 2021

Trends are the story of us, a shorthand version of our global values… and love them or hate them, they are important markers in contemporary society. 

With social trends influencing everything from color to function and product design, it is always interesting to see how these concepts play out for promotional products. Inspired by five key consumer trends, Boundless has created the 2021 Trending Lookbook to spark creativity and to show how your brand can use these trends to stay relevant with your ever-adapting customers. 

Trend 1: Color Collections

Every year, color trends shift in ways that reflect global events and society and these thoughtful palettes are sure to promote creativity and expression through branding and product! Celebrate optimism and resilience with shades of gray in Pantone Color of the Year’s Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, feel the calm of A.I. Aqua, enjoy the Pastel Party, and look to Neutral Naturals to complete the zen. Expect these new color collections to saturate the 2021 market.

Trend 2: Dwell

2021 will show that our idea of home has evolved, and security and comfort are more important than ever. Multi-functional spaces make the home everything we need it to be: a gym, a workplace, a spa, a theater, or a zen garden. And while our homes get smarter with tech upgrades, there are also popular movements like Cottagecore that propose we make life simpler. From WFH essentials to creativity and wellbeing, this functional and cozy collection celebrates all things home.

Trend 3: Vibe Check

People are checking in with themselves and others in an earnest way, and anxiety busters will be in full force in 2021. People are searching for positivity, fun, and nostalgic comforts that remind us of happy times. And retro-nostalgia has become a hugely popular trend in pop culture, fashion, and the food and beverage industries. Escapism at its finest, retro is a true mood as people are embracing the groovy energy of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Trend 4: Conscious Living

A clear trend going into 2021 is the rise of the conscious consumer. Zero waste options are in demand, and more plant-based offerings will be another sustainability trend that helps to reduce our eco footprint. Plus, the pull of nature is as strong as ever. Campsite and cabin bookings have seen a huge increase as people yearn to get outdoors for healthy, socially distanced excursions. 

Trend 5: Bridge the Gap

After a year of quarantine, it’s no wonder that we’re hoping to bridge the gap in 2021. Focusing on new ways to reach each other, technology plays an integral role. Virtual events, remote employees, and distanced loved ones keep tech gadgets focused on connectivity, audio/video, and security.

For people returning to the office, or essential workers who have been on the frontline, PPE accessories and products with anti-germ additives keep people feeling protected in their shared environments. And with email inboxes staying full, doorsteps and mailboxes have become prime real estate again; companies and loved ones are showing they care with more direct mail and gifted packages. A little doorstep joy goes a long way, inspiring recipients and keeping connections strong.

We hope you are as inspired as we are by these contemporary trends and product selections. It’s no secret that understanding and identifying trends is vital for brands that want to stay top of mind with customers. Branded products are so much more than just a logo on a product; they are truly an impactful method of associating your brand with that long-lasting, warm fuzzy feeling (we call that Brand Love).

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